Retainers in Anthem

Preserve the beauty of your smile with the help of our orthodontic team. Whether you just got your braces off or your old ones broke, don't let your mouth go without a retainer to hold teeth in their positions. Expect us to offer you a range of retainer options that best serve your orthodontic needs. Wood Orthodontics straightens your teeth and keeps them straight with state-of-the-art treatment options. We use several types of retainers, including clear, metal, and permanent retainers. Schedule your first appointment with us today.

Keep Teeth Healthy with Retainers

Increase your confidence and keep your smile beautiful with the help of our dedicated orthodontic team. Our staff gets to know your individual case and experiences significant joy when you get your braces off for good. But, it's not all over once the braces are off. We want you to preserve your smile for the long-term with braces aftercare. This may include permanent retainers or removable ones you only wear at night.

When your teeth are straight, you can brush better, eliminate germs, and prevent future problems. Stay committed to your oral health and the beauty of your smile by wearing retainers as recommended by our orthodontist. 

A Girl Wearing a Retainer in Anthem, AZ

Permanent Retainers for Post-Braces Treatment

There are a few situations for which our orthodontist may recommend permanent retainers. The purchase of every retainer is to preserve and stabilize your teeth. In some cases, a permanent retainer can be added behind your teeth so it goes undetected. We may recommend this for the following reasons:

• You Prefer a Permanent Solution over a Removable One
• We Are Waiting for the Next Stage of Treatment
• You Just Had Your Wisdom Teeth Removed
• Your Teeth Need Minor Adjustment
• You Had an Especially Difficult Case

Get Clear Mouth Retainers after You Get Braces

Retainers serve a functional purpose and we encourage you to take the final step of your orthodontic treatment by wearing your mouth retainers as directed. Our orthodontist is pleased to offer clear retainers that do not get in your way during the day or night. In many cases, our retainer orthodontist will recommend you wear the retainers only at night and can go orthodontia free during the day.

Finally, our orthodontist is happy to provide you with replacement retainers if your old ones are damaged, broken, or you had a permanent one removed. We are always honest in our recommendations and never tell you to wear a retainer when your teeth are permanently straightened.

Contact us to preserve the integrity of your new smile with retainers fitted to your mouth. We are proud to serve clients in Anthem, Cave Creek, Norterra, Deer Valley, Tramonto, AZ, and the surrounding communities.